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    Your ideal workspace in Novara

    Spaces and services for your business, immediately ready to work!

    Temporary office Novara

    Start now

    Time is precious!

    Do not wait until everything is perfect to start your activity. Likely, it will never be.

    Start with the means you already have, travel lightly, and be ready to change shape when business opportunities increase.

    Our furnished offices and flexible workspaces are the perfect means to focus on your core business!

    Do not isolate yourself

    Create your own network of contacts

    Working from home can be cheaper but also much more dispersive. It is much easier to get distracted or to find yourself completely isolated. Sharing ideas, emotions and projects, or even just a good coffee with someone, helps everyone grow both personally and professionally.

    Every day you will be in contact with people that can expand your networking or that you can start new collaborations with, to help you stay motivated and to let your business grow.

    Office relax Novara

    Without worries

    Avoid useless stress

    Leaving duties and responsibilities to those who handle them as a job is a blessing.

    No more arguments with the cleaning services, your internet and phone providers, or anyone else.

    Deadlines are divided in clear and transparent monthly fees, the amount of which has already been planned so that you can have a peaceful sleep. What’s left to think of? Focusing on your business and improving it!

    Temporary furnished office Novara

    Furnished Offices

    This is one of the most appreciated set-ups for most start-ups, professionals and major corporations as well.

    It is the easiest and fastest method to find a location with a competitive price, flexible contracts, amazing services, and everything that might be necessary to start being productive immediately.

    Multinational corporations choose these spaces and use them as flexible solutions to open offices and headquarters or local branches that can be immediately operational.

    Traditional locations are being overtaken by this new solution that simplifies the research of spaces and also allows to avoid    bureaucracy.

    Day Office Novara

    Temporary offices

    Nowadays, hourly and daily offices are the most used way to maintain your business effective. In fact, they reduce investments and time to get an office, as it includes most of the needed facilities.

    Fixed costs are contained, as they are shared with the other businesses at the hosting center.

    It is a very convenient and cost-effective way to have a prestigious location in the place you want and for the amount of time that you need.

    If later you choose to adopt another solution, the forewarning we ask is minimal and you can follow your new path with a light heart and mind.

    Shared office Novara

    Shared offices

    A Shared office is the best you can find in terms of flexibility.

    At Vittoria12 we have multiple solutions that span from co-working to rotational workstations.

    Between all our possible solutions, we will surely have one that suits you the best.

    By working in a shared office you would have minimal costs, great services and the chance to get inside a network of professionals that might help you achieve success in your business.

    Working with us will give you many more advantages and services that will make you save on fixed company costs while improving the quality!

    Temporary showroom Novara

    Temporary Show-rooms

    Our temporary show-rooms are short-term exposition windows for your products.

    You can install one in Novara today for the time you need and then move on to somewhere else.

    If you have valid products or you want to increase your new brand exposure you can set up a showroom to gain sales strength or to let your customers learn about what you can do best.

    Your effort will be minimum because we organize everything… we can even help you find other suitable structures so that you can set up another showroom in other cities.

    Business Address Novara

    Address services

    Business address in Novara

    Are you looking for a practical address to receive your mail in Novara?

    The domiciliation services that our Center provides will allow you to have a prestigious center as mailing address in the central area of Novara.

    We manage the mail you receive by using the domiciliation software Virtuoso. You will always know when and what you are receiving.

    Your mail will be in good hands, it will be notified to you promptly so you can have complete traceability of all shipments and pick-ups.

    This service also allow you to have a mailing address where to receive packages, letters, and parcels. Based on your needs you can also have an office where you can set your secondary headquarter or a mail address with a legal value.

    Vittoria12 is the perfect location, you will be provided with our address and we will manage your mail in a dedicated box, forwarding it to you through your chosen method.

    Meeting rooms

    The ideal space to hold meetings in Novara

    An iconic and elegant building, close to Novara’s city center.

    Here, innovation and collaboration join to allow businesses to grow. A workspace that is able to create real connections and developments.

    Vittoria12 takes great care of the hygiene and security of its environments so that you can work freely with clients and collaborators.

    Inside our elegant location, we can provide you solutions for your meetings with co-workers or for your events.

    We can host from 3 to 50 people in our conference rooms. You can arrange simple meetings or events and parties. You can even promote training workshops for your staff or for your potential clients.

    Meeting rooms in Novara

    Vittoria 12 Business Center in Novara

    Your workspace based in Novara

    The co-working structure that adapts to the needs of your business. A flexible space, with quality services that grow with you!

    A single place for your spaces and services

    The advantages of our office center: here’s why you should choose us

    One contract

    A single interlocutor

    A single interlocutor for any kind of request, to solve a problem or to activate a new service.

    We are ready, receptive and we provide the answers you need few meters away from where you will be working.

    Our secretary is open from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 18 and we speak Italian, English, French and Spanish.

    That’s pretty good!

    Cleaning office

    Cleaning and anti-CoVid 19 measures

    A clean and tidy workplace is the best!

    At Vittoria12 we work in the best conditions possible, thanks to the planning of our cleaning services.

    Your office will always be perfect and clean, just like the co-working area, the  meeting room and the toilets.

    We also guarantee the complete sanitization of all spaces at least once a day.

    And the price of the service is always included in the monthly fee!

    Catering Events


    At Vittoria12 we organize refreshments and catering for your events, too.

    We employ qualified companies that offer great food with a particular care for the service. The offer will be customized based on your needs and the type of event you want to organize.

    Break area coworking

    Break Room

    At Vittoria12 we also have a space where you can find vending machines with snacks and beverages.

    A simple break from work can help you solve those little problems that seem to be impossible under pressure.

    Free parking Novara

    Private Parking

    Our parking lot at Vittoria12 is strategic.

    It is easily reachable from most of Novara’s main streets and provides a comfortable parking space for those who want their car to be as close as possible.

    Virtual Office in Italy

    Virtual Secretary

    At Vittoria12 the secretary service is included. We can provide you those professionals that otherwise you would need to hire. Our personnel is trained and fixed costs are kept low because each cost is based on the effective use of the service and don’t forget that it is also shared with all of its users.